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Terry Gostow - December 2014

Dr. Shieh is an incredible dentist. (And I don't like dentists). New to MA, I had to find one because my front tooth crown fell off! I went to 2 dentists before finding Dr. Shieh and I was stunned when told that I needed an implant and more stunned when given the cost!!! A co-worker recommended Dr. Shieh (pronounced Shay). Dr. Shieh gave me an array of reasonable choices and some of them were suitable for my budget. He worked with me, knowing my circumstances. And he does it all. He is cleaned my teeth, lengthened my crown ( instead of sending me to a periodontist) and he makes teeth replacements, crowns in his own lab! Me and my front tooth couldn't be happier!

Meg M - July 2014

Cannot say enough about Dr. Shieh!

I healed quickly and well from my previous procedure and saw him again yesterday for veneers. He found cavities in the teeth that he was putting veneers on and filled those for me in the same visit. He works quickly and smoothly and spent a lot of time with me discussing my veneers and orthodontia. I am going back tomorrow to get my teeth whitened to match my new veneers, discuss orthodontia and possibly adjust my old retainers. He's really helping me figure out what my medical needs are, what my options are at each level (cosmetic vs functional). He suggested I take a couple of days to get used to my veneers and that he could change anything about them at tomorrow's visit if need be. I am really happy with the new veneers, and I'm recommending Dr. Shieh to all my friends!

Joe C - December 2011

My family and I have been going to Dr. Sheih and his wife for over three years now! I had a badly fitted crown from another dentist and he came up with a solution for that problem, that was both cost effective, enabled me to not loose any more of the tooth. Three other doctors wanted to charge me thousands and I was able to only pay a few hundred!! I know send both my kids there and they love Dr. Sheih! My six year old son who cries over evreything had a cavity filled with no novacane and he came out smiling and so proud of himself!

Tiago G - November 2011

This place is great, Never wait for my appointments and Dentist are honest and upfront!  They dont make you spend money you dont need to spend!

I found this place of google because it is close to home, They Pulled my Wisdom teeth and he was a pro! No Problems quick and easy and i was dreading the moment but it was a lot better than i could have wished for!
Definitely Recommend Dr. Shieh!